Adsapp is an incredibly simple platform that allows you to communicate in a professional environment effortlessly


How Adsapp Works

Adsapp is an incredibly simple Business Communication Platform for businessmen & professionals. Here are the simple steps in order to communicate:

  • Firstly select the region you want to operate in.
  • Then select the business sector that you belong to, e.g. Real Estate, Auto Dealership, Woodworking etc.
  • Then simply compose your message. You can write whatever you need to.
  • Once business persons or professionals reply to your message you can start chatting with them in the platform itself.

Every message that you send and received can be stored on the cloud so that you can go back to them if you ever need to.


Adsapp Features:

Our business messenger is the leading live chat and communication tool for all businesses. Here is all that Adsapp enables you to do:

  • Reach the largest audience of professionals that are interested in what you have to offer as a business. Only reach the professionals that are actually interested in what you have to say.
  • Real-time access to all messages ensuring speed and accessibility.
  • Propriety design in order to ensure that Adsapp is the best system for business communication.

Benefits of Adsapp for the Business Sector:

Adsapp is one the best live chat platform for business communication. Here are all the benefits that Adsapp offers as a business messenger:

  • Receive messages from professionals all over the world that are interested in your business. Chat with those business at any given time.
  • Sort the messages that you receive in order of region and business sector.
  • Add products directly to your profile page with ease. (For App Users only).


Adsapp IT companies

IT companies

If you have IT project and looking for a Programmer, Designer, Digtal marketing ,Whiteboard & Animated Explainers,Data Entry ,Content writer or Translator ,now by Adsapp you can chat with IT service providers, from all over the world to get the best services and offers for you

Adsapp Import & Export

Import & Export

If you are interested in importing clothing, leather products, electrical appliances, heavy equipment, fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs, oil products , now chat with factory representatives and exporters from all over the world to get the best services and offers for you

Adsapp Tourism & Travel

Tourism & Travel

If you are traveling or you love to travel and discover new country and new city ,now adsapp helps you to connect with tourism service providers, tour guides, car rental offices and tourist resort rental, you can chat with them to get the best services and offers suitable for you.

Adsapp manpower supply agencies

manpower supply agencies

If you are looking for a job or want smart employees to work with you Or looking to hire staff from abroad, now with adsapp you can save your time and chat with recruitment agencies around the world to get best services from them

Adsapp Auto Car Dealers And Showrooms

Auto Car Dealers And Showrooms

From the Adsapp you can send a message to owners of cars showroom, and cars suppliers of new and used cars all over the world, and you will start chatting with them to find the right offers for you ..

Adsapp shipping companies

shipping companies

If you are looking to ship your goods somewhere or looking for a smart shopper who buys you products from another country and ship them to you ,now you can chat with the providers of shipping and customs clearance,to get the best services and good offers